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The Museum Association Security Committee is the security committee for the American Alliance of Museums. Our mission is to serve the members and non-members of AAM by providing security expertise to the museum community. On this website you will find resources, including printed materials that you can download, and other materials that you can get free. We have also added PowerPoint presentations on various security topics that can be used to train security and non-security personnel working in museums on protection related topics.

This is a growing, living website. New material will be added as quickly as we can produce it. Today, content is minimal. Tomorrow there will be more. And this time next year the site will be overflowing with free materials that will help every museum develop and manage a security program. This is an “unofficial” website for complex reasons having to do in part with copyrights and in part due to the need to make day-to-day changes to the site in the quickest and least bureaucratic manner.

We want the AAM security committee to fulfill its distinct mission but to also serve as a supporting body for the ASIS Council on Museums, Libraries and Cultural Institutions and the NFPA’s committees that keep our institutions safe from fires. We hope to be an information clearinghouse, where museums of all sizes, but especially those small institutions trying to provide security on a shoestring, can find the free or inexpensive resources they need to be successful.

This is a non-commercial website. We will acknowledge the contributions of the commercial members and organizations who make our efforts possible just as our member museums acknowledge the grants and contributions from their commercial donors. But this website will remain product neutral.

Come in and look around and hopefully take away something useful to your mission. If there is something missing that you would like to see included, let us know.

Welcome to the Unofficial Website for the

Museum Security Committees

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Without Security, every museum visit might be just like this!